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Sept. 17, 2017
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The WORD of GOD has the power to renew the faith of  believers daily as a result of pursuing the will of GOD through living our lives with one purpose – In Pursuit of JESUS. We are led by the Holy Spirit to encourage and  inspire believers through the Good News of peace of our LORD and Savior JESUS CHRIST to live their best life.  Our prayer for you and everyone that is wholly connected to you is to find a place to offer worship and praise to GOD and learn how to live as an OverComer.  Be Encouraged — GOD has a good plan for your life.



September 17, 2017

2017 Back 2 Church

WORSHIP @ The Rock
Morning Worship Services @ 10am
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We want to take a moment to extend a very warm welcome to everyone who’s visiting us for the first time this morning. Whether you’re just having a look, or are searching out for a place to worship, we’re delighted to have you here. If you would like to receive more information about our worship services,  please contact our Chaplains’ Department.  Please contact the Chaplains’ online via prayer request.


A powerful movement of over 31,000 churches participating in inviting people to a special Sunday service designed just for you.

“Great worship and great teaching”  M. Hamilton

“Love it great place for a family” L. Salter

“I finally found a place for me and thank you FamilyOneNess Radio”  K. Walker

Our Radio Program 
FamilyOneNess Broadcast Sundays 8:30am KDYA
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We are building a Family Ministy Radio Broadcast
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Relationships Turned UP!  2017 
Thanks to All that Participated
*Meet UP Planned September 2017
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COMING SOON: An excerpt from FamilyOneNess Radio Broadcast.

Thank you for all of your support.

We will always be grateful to First Congregational Church, Martinez, CA;Trustees and Board Members and Family ofTrinity Community Church, San Rafael, CA for all of your trust and support to launch and growth of SRCOF.  Richmond, CA and Vallejo, CA Police Departments.  Thank you for all of your support.


Join Us For Back to Church Sunday  – We are having an exciting program as part of the National Back to Church Event  Sept. 17, 2017  @ 10AM.

Hogan Middle School, Vallejo, CA. Congratulations Principal, Vice Principals and Staff for a great Back to School Program.  We are looking forward to a successful school year.  Welcome Back Students!

Join Us For Mid-Week Bible Study – We are having an exciting time Studying the WORD of GOD.   We hope to see you at our weekly mid-week Bible Study Wednesdays @ 6:30pm.

August  Exciting Events @ The Rock!  
Many blessings to our Ministry Partners in: Tampa, FL;  Phoenix AZ;  Atlanta GA; Dothan, AL; & Houston, TX.

Upcoming Community-Level Special Programs:
SEASONAL SOLSTICE Concert Series – Pending
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Special Thanks to the Listeners of our Family OneNess Outreach  Radio 1190 AM The Light